Resin Sealed Filters & Capacitors

Microwave filters, telecommunications, RF amplifiers and oscillator equipment, industrial control systems and multi-circuit filter assemblies.


  • Cost Effective - resin sealed filters provide environmental protection at low cost

  • Design Flexibility - wide range of threaded and solder-in bushings available with a variety of circuit types (C, L, Pi & T)

  • Easy Installation - thread to bulk head or with hardware (nut & washer)

  • Reliability - all parts built in accordance with MIL-F-15733 & MIL-I-45208

  • Effective filtering - from 30KHz to over 5GHz

  • Operating Temperatures - -55c to +125c

  • Current Ratings - up to 30 amps

  • Thread Sizes - 4-40 UNC to 5/16-24 UNF