Joint Sales Meeting

August 15, 2012
Tucson, AZ – Tepro of Florida, Arizona Capacitors, and Custom Suppression will be holding a joint sales meeting from September 26ththrough the 28thin Green Valley, Arizona, just outside of Tucson. This will be the first time the three companies, all subsidiaries of Electro Technik Industries, Inc., have held a combined sales meeting. Officials explain that synergies between product applications, markets, and customer service practices, and goals present opportunities for sharing knowledge and expertise.

New Catalog Soon to be Released

August 11, 2012
Tucson, AZ - Custom Suppression, Inc., a manufacturer of EMI and RFI filters, will soon have their new catalog back from the printers.  This will be the first catalog published by them since they were acquired a year ago by Electro Technik Industries, Inc.

Custom Suppression has Moved into Their New Facility

Tuscon, AZ - Custom Suppression, Inc. has now moved into their new facility located at 1100 South Plumer Ave. Tucson, Arizona 85719. The new facility is about 20 minutes from their existing facility. Also, the new facility is about double the amount of square footage that the company previously had.
Officials explain that both manufacturing and administration were simply running out room, especially with Arizona Capacitors, Inc.'s business growing the way it has and with it's operations under the same roof. The additional space, more than double that of the previous facility, will give both entities more room to accommodate increasing manufacturing needs, particularly in machining, winding, and plating..

Custom Suppression Aquired by ETI

Custom Suppression, Inc., a manufacturer of EMI and RFI filters, has been recently acquired by Electro Technik Industries, Inc. 
This is a new line of products for Electro Technik.  The company did manufacture certain types of filters at its Arizona Capacitors, Inc. facility, but the Custom Suppression line has expanded the ETI product breadth immensely in this area. 
The goal now is to ensure a seamless transition for both the customers and suppliers and to expand upon the excellent work Custom Suppression, Inc. has done over the years.