Solder-in Filters

Microwave filters, RF amplifiers and oscillators, telecommunications equipment, industrial control systems and multi-circuit filter assemblies.


  • Hermetically sealed on one end - glass-to-metal allows for through hole penetration and isolation betweeen compartments

  • High temperature solder construction - allows for wave soldering, vapor phase or other soldering techniques up to 300c.

  • Small Size - allows for hi-density placement on .100 in. centers

  • Design Flexibility - wide capacitance value range (available on 'C' & 'L' circuits)

  • Easy Installation - solderable plating is compatible with most solder installation techniques and lead bonding

  • Effective filtering - from 100KHz to over 5GHz

  • Operating temperatures - -55c to +125c

  • Current ratings - up to 15 amps

  • Features:

               - Gold or Silver plating
               - 0 pF to 27K pF capacitance for size
               - small in size for hi-density placement
               - inductive and capacitance reactance available